Why Arms Prime

We tell the world’s biggest & emerging influencers to build their own media house.

Passionate and Dedicated Team of experts
Will be working you from Ideation to realizations
Multi functionality Easy to use Platform
Where you can have a complete control on the content of your app.
Best design quality
Smooth user experience and a fluid app interface
Effortless management
Update your app and easily engage with your audience with a dedicated Producer app.


ARMSPRIME is Razrcorp’s proprietary fan management system built to consolidate an artist’s global audience on one platform with the aim to monetize it immediately thus building a digital asset for a lifetime.


Our mission is to connect Artists / Sportsmen or any famous community with their Fans globally. An Artists app is like an entry to their soul,their home, to their struggles, to celebrating their success, to inspiring millions of fans who are part of this beautiful journey. With the advent of digital age & fans being mobile first, it's become much more easy irrespective of geography for an artist to be in touch with his loyal fan base no matter where he is or where they are. Everything happening on the platform is real time be it a post or a live stream or fans engaging in banter amongst themselves. Its your stage, so get ready to perform 24/7, 365 days a year.

With world class analytics & dashboards you get access to never seen before actionable insights about your loyal influencers & fans, we are sure your BRANDS are going love it. Remember, APP is only the beginning, the future holds much more than an APP. We are an artist’s digital partners & holders of his digital IP in creating revenue streams across the world / syndicating content & much more.

Create your own digital YOU

Its time to enter millions of smartphones & get yourself a permanent digital identity owned by YOU.


Engage. Advertise.

Monetize with ads—ARMSPRIME supports all major ad services. Send push notifications—automated from a feed!

AI Level Fan Classification

We understand as powerful people, you have endorse powerful brands. Hence, we have built an AI level ultra fan classification for your brand to target your most active,dormant & loyal fans. We mean it, we now know exactly what each & every fan of yours is upto.


Build Loyalty

  • Go Live: A fun, powerful way to connect with followers and create new ones along the way
  • Two-Way LIVE: Simply enable a FAN to chat in a PIP mode with thousands watching both of you

Studio App

Your command centre. Distribute, Monetize, engage,analyse, go LIVE & interact with your fans from the very powerful studio app. Its as good as a digital studio in your pocket.


AR Selfie

Ever imagined your fans can now take a selfie with you whenever they want?Well, our engineers are working overtime to constantly improve this mind-blowing feature wherein you can take a selfie with your fans & viceversa.

Group Chat

The more the merrier! Simply announce that you are beginning the group chat & see your fans pose you a series of questions in your group chat. - Live as bullet


Okay so you are in NYC & crave some attention. Use your fan finder to find your fans in the nearby area & get them on group chat or invite them to the local bar.


The black or blue gown? Why bother? Lets ask my fans. With Polls, you can further engage & ask your fans just about anything.


Bryan Adams

1 day ago

Shirtless boys in - 16 degrees at the NHL show last nightin Ottawa, Canada #ilovecanadian
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Bryan Adams

2 day ago

Lorem dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
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Bryan Adams

2 day ago

Lorem dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum ultrices vestibulum pulvinar. Sed accumsan neque neque, nec commodo neque laoreet at.
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Personalised News Feed

News Feed is the constantly updating list of stories in the app. News Feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links and likes from people using the app.


Use your profile photo to build and customize your appearance. Express yourself make and receive Messenger.
Video call with friends even if they're not in VR.
Hang out with your favorite celeb along with your friends and other fans.


The Zareen Khan App

Zareen’s app is an unprecedented level of access for her fans into her bollywood life combined with the latest tech & personalization to make sure each & every fan get the attention they want.

The Karan Kundra App

THE KARAN KUNDRA APP gives complete access to his fans so that they can be in touch with him at every given point of time combined with the latest tech & personalization to make sure each & every fan get the attention they want.

The Poonam Pandey App

In a never before seen avatar, Poonam talks about her bold journey so far, her ups & downs & the way forward. Her app is an entry to her home & her struggles.


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